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Jan 1

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May 21

Vague Lizards-TENOKE

Release Description:

Greetings to you brave Rus, troubled times have come to our lands!

This game is a dynamic third-person action thriller in the Old Slavic setting.PlotWe had a misfortune, during the celebration of St. Andrew's Day, the sneaky Lizards stole all the Baikal Voditsa! We must confront this ancient evil and fight back once and for all. It became a real misfortune for our village, because Baikal Water has unique properties and heals people from many diseases. Alexey Bukhalov and Maxim Obosranov, our faithful friends and experienced warriors, decided to help us resist this ancient evil and return the stolen water.

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Setone Games
Publisher: Radiance Star

Release Name: Vague.Lizards-TENOKE
Size: 1.7 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


May 21


Release Description:

Embark on a thrilling adventure in Pre Dusk, a captivating journey into darkness. Play as Ray, a determined youth escaping his grandfather's mysterious home. Master weapons and abilities like gliding and grappling to overcome challenges and foes. Uncover secrets, interact with intriguing characters, and navigate diverse environments.

Jump into the dangers of the Savage Sands, a sand desert level filled with ancient castles, tough platforming, and fearsome sandworm enemies, in this exciting adventure.
The world of Predusk is rich with its characters and natural diversity where each level brings new visual experiences and gameplay challenges. In the final showdown at Castle Rain, you'll face the game's most powerful character and his formidable castle guard enemies while navigating challenging platforming in this intense last level.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Okba Amrate
Publisher: Okba Amrate

Release Name: Pre.Dusk-TENOKE
Size: 1.8 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


May 21

Master Key-TENOKE

Release Description:

An old rusty key found deep in a cave, what could it open?
Explore a dense world, fight ferocious enemies, and solve puzzles in search for answers.

Master key features :

  • Item based exploration
  • Dozens of enemies
  • Shops, weapons, and powerups
  • Dungeons
  • Between 5 and 20 hours of content
  • Lots of secrets
  • No language support!

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Developer: Achromi
Publisher: Achromi

Release Name: Master.Key-TENOKE
Size: 1.2 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


May 21


Release Description:

DESIGN: Build factories, ship cubes, and make machines dance to your industrial choreography.
REWIND: Refine your solution by rewinding the factory and replaying the action to spot potential improvements.
OPTIMIZE: Compete for peak efficiency with your friends and the world.
CREATE: Build and share your own puzzles with the built-in editor.

Cubes have become the galaxy’s most important commodity, being used as crates, musical instruments, octopus housing, sculptures, and more. Use your cube-designing skills to keep a struggling factory running, and eventually earn a post at the most prestigious cube fabricator, Hexahedra Inc. Dig into rumours that some cubes are being used for sinister purposes, and field an array of oddly aquatic requests received on damp paper in strange ink.

DesignHexahedra is an open-ended programming puzzle game. Fill a factory with a variety of devices and program them to work together to produce the required cubes. Use the grid command system to create complex loops, and branch the logic flow using lasers and proximity sensors. Pull apart and reassemble cubes, merge them, paint them, teleport them, set fire to them, add payloads, and ship them off to the customer.

RewindGrab the timeline handle and crank time backwards to see the state of the factory in the past. Replay past steps and spot where a solution has a bug or could be made more efficient.

OptimizeCompete against your friends and the rest of the world to produce the quickest or simplest solution to each puzzle.CreateBuild your own puzzles using Hexahedra's built-in level editor and share them with friends or via the Steam Workshop.Save (or rule!) the Galaxy Cubes have become the galaxy's most important commodity, a fact that some intend to exploit to their own advantage. Track down the conspiracy, infiltrate it, and bring it down. Or don't, and take your place amongst the new rulers.

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Sidequest Ninja
Publisher: Sidequest Ninja

Release Name: Hexahedra-TENOKE
Size: 571.1 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


May 21

Deathbulge Battle of the Bands v1.1.0-TENOKE

Release Description:

A turn-based RPG where you play as DEATHBULGE, a 3-piece band of dysfunctional goofballs who unknowingly stumble into a cursed battle of the bands contest, where all entrants can attack with music and must fight to the death.
Kick down every single door you come across. If you're gonna rudely enter every RPG house despite lack of invite, might as well enter in style.Fancy combat system that focuses on MEASURE EFFECTS. What happens BETWEEN turns makes all the difference, bringing real-time elements into the turn-based combat.
Customise the band with 9 musically-themed classes to choose from, each with their own attacks, perks and COOL OUTFIT. Inspire your bandmates as a BUSKER or recklessly deal huge damage at the cost of damaging yourself as a HEADBANGER.

Other features:

  • Sew patches of band logos onto your BATTLE JACKET for extra perks in battle.
  • No Random Encounters! Monsters will be shown on the field for your avoiding leisure, and 3 different FIELD ABILITIES with which to avoid them.
  • Unique item system. Say good bye to individually stocking up on consumable items! Once you get a piece of MERCH, you keep it forever, and it simply costs STOCK to use, a refillable global resource for all your merch.
  • Original soundtrack that'll make you say things like SIIICK and OH RIGHT ON.
  • Incredibly rich world boasting a wide variety of colourful characters whose dialogue changes as you progress through the game. Every single NPC is unique, armed with their own dialogue portaits to express themselves TO THE MAX.
  • Even the ITEMS have personality. Say bye bye to the generic "health potion". Local NPC Barry Friendly is taking care of the soothing beverages around here. Sink into a warm cup of BARRY FRIENDLY'S TEA whenever your health is low. Maybe you'll even have the pleasure of meeting Barry at some point.
  • Late game dating segment.

Genre: Indie, RPG
Developer: Deathbulge, Five Houses LLC
Publisher: Deathbulge, Five Houses LLC

Release Name: Deathbulge.Battle.of.the.Bands.v1.1.0-TENOKE
Size: 2.5 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | Torrent Search


May 21

Naked News 2024.05.19 1080p WEB x264-NGP


MP4 | AAC | 201MB
NFO - Subtitles – ScreenshotTorrentFiKPERNiTROFLARERAPiDGATOR

MKV | AAC | 396MB
NFO - Subtitles – ScreenshotTorrentFiKPERNiTROFLARERAPiDGATOR

MP4 | AAC | 782MB
NFO – Subtitles – ScreenshotTorrentFiKPERNiTROFLARERAPiDGATOR